Personal Summary

1. Early Childhood 1945

My teacher named me the most original and talented child artist she had ever seen. My father used this claim to shame my sister, just as he used her gifts to shame me.

2. Early Adulthood 1967

Anger bred competitiveness and a sense of inadequacy, effectively smothering any possible talent or efforts. Finally, I began to paint in the late 60’s. My first effort was REALLY primitive!

3. Art Academics 1973

I took all available art classes at Monroe Community College, one through Empire State, and while teaching at the University of Rochester Memorial Art Gallery Creative Workshop, I continued my own studies there.

4. Medical Career 1975

As a fourth year medical student, I was fortunate to be able to make 4 large paintings for credit for one of my electives while at Upstate Medical Center. Here are two of them:

5. Return to Painting 1996

I was occupied with my psychiatric practice, until in the late 90’s, I produced a prolific body of medically related paintings.   

6. Final Return to Art 2006

Four years ago I joined others at the Steve Carpenter Studio, where I am an enthusiastic and regular participant, and a founding member of the New York Figure Study Guild.

7. Vision 2010

In addition to showing my art, I have given several presentations on creativity (including at the Creativity and Madness Conference in Santa Fe). My dream is to continue madly creating my work and loving others with integrity and truth.

Art Related Resume

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