Artist’s Statement

In the face of posturing, greed and rapacious waste, it seems that the most compassionate, loving and humble thing to do is not only to play, but also to preserve.

Photos, paper, colorful and vibrant oil paint and fabric, beads, scissors, glue, backboard and canvas, provide me with the opportunity to do this. I take images and bring them together.

I know that the pieces themselves are impermanent, subject to deterioration and decay. However, in my own way I protect what is threatened. When I am through, I often wonder where in the world THAT came from!

Discovering where I will end up after setting out is why I make art.

Along the way, and through the evolution of my work, I hope to strengthen my faith and commitment to my family, community and nature.

Sometimes I just want to linger and drink in the beauty at every sublime turn.

For the uncertainties that lie ahead, I am comforted by telling my little visual tales, sitting with our doggies, holding my husband’s hand, and addressing Important Questions. Such as, how to save the world.

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